7 Steps to Get More Customer Referrals

Customer referrals are by far the most effective and cost-effective way to drive new business. In fact, referral leads convert 30% better than any other marketing channels (R&G Technologies). Yet, only 29% of sales people actually ask for referrals (Texas … Read More


8 Ways to Help Small Businesses Beyond National Small Business Week

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12 Quick FAQs About VIP Crowd’s Loneliest Number

1. What is the Loneliest Number? The Loneliest Number is a game you can play by downloading the VIP Crowd mobile app or by creating a free VIP Crowd account online. You try to guess the lowest number that nobody … Read More


VIP Crowd Pro: Fun Way to Keep Your Small Business Top of Mind

VIP Crowd is looking for small business owners and professional service providers to be featured in their popular Weekly Loneliest Number game. It is a fun, easy way for professional service providers to stay top-of-mind with clients and get referrals. … Read More


5 Biggest Contributors to Employee Retention – Infographic

The effects of an employee leaving the company – whether voluntary or involuntary – can be very damaging. Employee turnover is expensive and results in a loss of knowledge/expertise, lower productivity, and a decrease in employee morale. The U.S. Bureau … Read More


4 Things I Hope Members Will Get Out of Wisconsin HR Innovators

Article originally published on LinkedIn.  I’ve recently taken on the exciting, but not so easy, task of recruiting the brightest and most innovative HR professionals in Wisconsin to join VIP Crowd’s newest focus group: Wisconsin HR Innovators. Our goal is … Read More


Why Young Professionals Aren’t Joining Your Association

According to the 2018 Association Communications Benchmarking Report by Naylor, nearly half (48%) of associations struggle with engaging young professionals. In the age where industry content is readily available and more young professionals are networking digitally versus in person, associations’ … Read More

Introducing Wisconsin HR Innovators Group

Are you a human resources professional in Wisconsin? VIP Crowd just announced the creation of their new Wisconsin HR Innovators group! What It Is The HR Innovators group is a collection of verified HR professionals in Wisconsin who are looking … Read More


Can You Guess the Loneliest Number in VIP Crowd?

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10 Employee Appreciation Ideas for the Holidays

Last minute shopping. Holiday travel. Wrapping up year end projects at work. The holidays are a crazy time of year both at home and in the office. But, they’re also the perfect time for managers to show appreciation and gratitude … Read More